The Latest About Malnutrition

Nutrition and eating well is important for persons of all ages. But it can be difficult for seniors with health issues and physical limitations to obtain the nutrients they need for a well balanced diet. In 15 to 50 percent of all seniors, malnutrition, weight loss, disorientation, lethargy, loss, and lightheadedness of appetite can occur and be easily mistaken for an illness or disease. If you’re looking after a loved one, there are a number of things you can perform to make sure they’re getting the proper diet and nutrition they need. Professionals in Houston nursing homes and facilities all around the country are trained to watch for signs of malnutrition and adopt the proper steps to remedy the problem.

The first step to combating this issue with your loved one is knowing what to look for. Take time to observe their eating habits and not only at special occasions. If they live alone, who buys his or her groceries? If they live in a long term care facility, visit during mealtimes. Next, look for the physical signs: poor healing, easy bruising, dental problems and weight loss (changes in how clothing fits). Finally, know their medications. Many drugs have an effect on appetite, digestion and the uptake of nutrients.


The best way to see if they’re having problems is to pay special attention to their eating habits and ask questions. Be attentive to their needs. Ask them to be open and frank about how they’re feeling and what they would enjoy eating. Listed below are possible reasons why your loved one is not eating well.


It is common for appetites to decrease as a person ages. A senior’s sense of smell and taste begin to slowly diminish, affecting their capacity to enjoy food. If a meal is not appetizing, seniors are less likely to east as much of it as they should.

Digging Deeper into Malnutrition

Over-the-counter and prescription medications can cause reduced appetite, nausea or even make some foods taste differently. Even though their bodies need the food and calories, seniors are less hungry due to their medications. Try feeding them a variety of foods or ask their doctor if a different medication can be used.

Missing teeth, ill-fitting dentures, jaw pain, or mouth sores can make chewing food very painful. Dental health gets worse as we age. All of these elements could be making it difficult for your loved to enjoy a meal.

To compensate for a limited income, some seniors may cut back on grocery expenses by purchasing cheaper and less nourishing food. Lacking the money to pay for healthy foods can result in a variety of health problems. Try to help them come forward with a suitable budget that will still enable them to purchase healthy foods.

Shopping for groceries is becoming more difficult for everyone, not just the elderly. Many food stores are placed in busy shopping malls or on crowded streets. Seniors have to drive to the store, making their way through heavy traffic, and park away from the door. When you add snow and ice to the mix, grocery shopping can be a dangerous feat for the elderly.

All seniors become frail with age, but for people with debilitating conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, or a disability, even the most simple tasks can become impossible. Opening a can, dicing vegetables or standing long enough to cook a meal can become too difficult to achieve.

Poor memory, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia can impair a senior’s ability to eat a variety of foods regularly because they cannot remember what to buy at the store. Some seniors eat the same foods over and over without even realizing it, or they skip meals entirely because they cannot remember the last time they ate.

Life becomes more difficult with age. Loved ones have passed on or live far away, our bodies begin to fail us, our minds begin to deteriorate, and we become very lonely. Depression can affect a senior’s appetite or make them feel apathetic about caring for their own health. Left untreated, depression can give rise to many nutrition and health problems.

To improve the diet of your loved one, try offering nutritionally-dense foods, enhancing the aromas or flavors of the food, make eating a social event, encourage them to bite on healthy foods, take care of dental problems, taking them to the grocery store to help them shop, or even consider getting government assistance.

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Antisocial Personality Disorder – Making A Choice

Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) can be rather a debilitating psychological disorder. In patients it can hinder the development of friendship, foster a reckless disregard for security and cause a child to become rather problematic, among other things. If not treated at an early age, it may give rise to many other mental disorders well into adult life.

There have been millions of cases throughout history of Antisocial Personality Disorder. Since it has many complicated symptoms and manifestations, it can be quite hard to diagnose. Should you think a loved one may be suffering from ASPD, it is important to have them to a professional psychologist for a thorough examination.

To change direction..

In relationship to these ten personality disorders, there is one called antisocial personality disorder and may define the panel of manufacturers and distributors which intentionally taint their formulas with potentially dangerous substances or market these supplements knowing their supplements are tainted. Antisocial personality disorder is a form of chronic mental illness in which an individual’s ways of thought, perceiving situations and relating to others are abnormal and destructive. People with antisocial personality disorder typically have no regard for right and wrong. They may often violate the act and the rights of others. They may lie, practice deception, attempt to manipulate, and often engage in illegal activities because they’re unable to fulfill responsibilities to family, school, or work in an adaptive manner. Hence, people who suffer from antisocial personality disorder may seek to victimize others for personal gain and lack empathy for those they harm in their pursuit for personal benefit. Some suggest most of the felons serving prison sentences would fit the criteria used for antisocial personality disorder if this population of criminals were evaluated by psychologists or psychiatrists. The population of people intentionally tainting their dietary supplements void of concern for the risks to consumers would likely meet criteria for this dangerous disorder.

But Wait, There’s More About Antisocial Personality Disorder

ASPD is when someone has absolutely no regard to anyone other than his or herself. Patients with this mental disorder are incapable of seeing past their own desires and how a part of their choices may affect others.

Sociopathy has a long tradition of being misdiagnosed. Most people believed that patients have some form of attention-deficit disorder or are going through a phase and may grow out of it.

Once a person suffering from ASPD reaches adulthood, it is far more difficult to treat. There are many behaviors and practices under which they have come accustomed that’ll take a lot of work to reverse.

There are many forms of ASPD. All of them have different symptoms and can cause very different personalities.

Treatments for this disorder include a mixture of medications, psychotherapy and even hospitalization. Managing ASPD is possible over time, and patients can go on to lead a happy, healthy life free from debilitating symptoms.

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High Blood Pressure Myths And Facts

Blood pressure is the force behind the circulation of blood in the circulatory system. High blood pressure can be quite dangerous and in the vast majority of cases presents no symptoms. It can occur for a variety of reasons and causes a wide variety of more complicated cardiovascular problems. In October of 2010 a study published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) provides hope for patients having a difficult time controlling their blood pressure.

Blood pressure is the strength of the blood flowing through the arteries. High blood pressure, or hypertension, occurs when this force inside the blood vessels is too high.

High blood pressure greatly increases the likelihood for heart attack and stroke-the 1st and third major causes of death in the United States-as well as for heart failure and kidney failure. About one in three adults has high blood pressure according to the American Heart Association.

The notion that the P450 protein may be beneficial in cardiovascular medical conditions was simply an idea on a listing of the possibilities to begin the first stage of the testing. The test was done on two groups of mice. The first group was injected with the protein and the second was the control group. The protein worked in the mice by inhibiting the genes in the organization that control the inflammation of blood vessel walls. The result was that the blood vessels relaxed and blood pressure was reduced.

High Blood Pressure???

The second part of the review was how beneficial it ‘d be in situations that usually increase blood pressure. The mice were put through several physical tests and exposed the mice to various substances that are known to increase blood pressure. The group injected with the P450 protein has lower blood pressure and less kidney damage than the control group. This study shows that the injection of this protein cannot only reduce those with a high resting blood pressure but also be beneficial for patients who’ve a specific trigger to their blood pressure spikes.

Controlling blood pressure levels in the main body won’t only aid patients with hypertension but may also reduce the risk for other medical conditions. According to The American Heart Associated Americans have high blood pressure for their first stroke (77%), their first heart attack (69%), and those in congestive heart failure (74%).

There are many factors that contribute to high blood pressure. Some of these factors can be controlled such as diet and exercise but others be a result of genetics. High blood pressure is often called as the ‘silent killer’ because it presents relatively no symptoms. It is a sign of many different medical conditions but you do not know how severe or chronic the condition is until you see a doctor.

This study is still in initial phases and will move to human trials. This protein would be beneficial to patients with high blood pressure or patients who wish to hedge their bets when they have high blood pressure running in their family. The protein doesn’t seem to be harmful if the patient doesn’t already have high pressure and as such it would be beneficial to take not just as a treatment but also as a preventative measure. Perhaps after testing and production have begun it will be a recommended daily medication such as a vitamin or supplement.

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The Truth About Environmental Health Officer

Making a career in health and wellness is satisfying, however extremely challenging. If you are incredibly excited to create a career in this field, then you are not alone. It is a dignified method along with gratifying one to take. People who are health and safety courses enable people to help or secure people, which give an enormous wisdom of both pride and accomplishment. Today, discovering a task is every tough, however, there are abundant in health and wellness fields. It does not matter in which industry you work such as Medical, health, building, manufacturing and other, health and safety are necessary everywhere. For that reason, the organization works with security officers.

Apart from this list, people can also pick a career in other location, such as air pollution, pharmaceuticals, fire security, construction safety and environmental management. Health and wellness certification are not only beneficial or useful for Managers, Advisors or some other industry professionals, however, likewise for Directors as business have a duty to make sure and legal commitment in the office.

And, what about…..

Qualified experts can also help organizations and markets in understanding and examining environmental health and safety compliance. One important section of this program is security, rescue and fire procedure. Specialists having knowledge on the vital facets of security, rescue and fire process and the devices involved is useful for any organization. Professionals also get trained in personal protection devices use and other important health and safety equipments.

The Continuing Environmental Health Officer Discussion

The duty of health and safety management is to make sure the safety of each worker along with the implementation safety policies, which must be followed by everybody. Besides, they manager also manage all the problems that connect to worker ailment, which may be created due to risky workplace. He also schedules regular fire drills in addition to assurances that every department, such as marketing, personnel, operation, finance, etc., designates a person to take action as a display.

People who have actually chosen health and safety as a career can also work as Environmental Health and Safety manager in any manufacturing organization, where worker selection is based on is based upon education. There is an intense future and scope as well in this field as you can work as officers, manager or a specialist. Opening a health and wellness consultancy after taking a degree or diploma in health and safety is likewise a great idea. But, prior to this, you need to take training from a well recognized along with popular health and wellness supplier. Remember, health and wellness is a task that can take you throughout any industry and sector of your choice.

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